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Special Category of Invitees

 Luminaries Visited

 Prof. Amrik Singh, Former Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

 Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India

 Prof. E. Annamalai, Former Director, CIIL & Visiting Professor Yale University U.S.A

 Prof. Akhtar Siddique, Chairperson, NCTE, New Delhi

 Dr. P.A. Ramiah, Chairman, Teachers Recruitment Board, TN

 Prof. S. Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras, Chennai

 Prof. M. Anandakrishnan, Chairman, IIT Kanpur & IIT Rajasthan

 Prof. P.K. Abdul Azis, Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

 Prof. Ved Prakash, Vice-Chancellor, NUEPA, New Delhi

 Prof. H.A. Ranganath, Director, NAAC, Bangalore

 Prof. Jacob Tharu, Former Professor, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad

 Prof. G.K. Chadha, CEO, South Asian University & Member, PM's Economic Advisory Council, New Delhi

 Prof. D.P. Pattanayak, Founder Director, CIIL

 Prof. K. Karunakaran, Former VC, Tamil University, Thanjavur

 Prof. E. Balagurusamy, Member, UPSC, New Delhi

 Mr. L.K. Atheeq, Director, Prime Minister Office, New Delhi

 Prof. S.P. Singh, Advisor, State Planning Commission, Govt. of Uttarakhand

 Prof.Smritikumar Sarkar, Vice Chancellor, University of Burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal

 Luminaries, who commented on NTS

 Prof. Udaya Narayana Singh, Director, CIIL, Mysore

 Prof. Deepak Pental, VC, Delhi University, Delhi

 Prof. J.A.K. Tareen, VC, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

 Prof. M. Balachandran, Director, IBPS, Mumbai

 Prof. M.L. Dutt, Professor, IBPS, Mumbai

 Mr. Srikantan Moorthy, VP & Head, Education and Research, Infosys

 Prof. B.B. Bhattacharya, VC, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

 Prof. Purushottam Agarwal, Member, UPSC, New Delhi.

 Prof. Shambhunath Shaw, Former Director, CHI, Agra

 Prof. V.C. Kulandaiswamy, Former VC, IGNOU, New Delhi

 Prof. H.S. Srivastava, Former Dean, NCERT, New Delhi

  Luminaries Visited

  Prof. Amrik Singh, Former Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

NTS-India has developed some kind of system and yard stick. If a proposal for the same is submitted, the UGC is likely to adopt it and ask the universities to practice it. Since this Institution is specialized in Indian Languages, it stands to reason that the substantial part of the attention should be paid to the language teaching at the school level.
Since you have the expertise in all the Indian Languages, what you could do is, to get hold of the text books prescribed, look at them and give your opinion. You have also gained expertise in related areas and if you offer them to prescribe the right kind of books with appropriate quality, it would help to make a proper balance. The kind of expertise which you have is not available in most of the places and therefore you should be able to make use of it.

  Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India

I am very much interested to know more about the NTS work on Aptitude, Achievement and Proficiency Tests. I am delighted to see that Hindi, Tamil and Urdu are being taken up by NTS for coverage in the I phase of its work. There is a need for involving expertise from other disciplines too so that NTS could be made as an effective mechanism of quality maintenance. The progress made by the NTS so far is quite appreciable. In the country like India an agency like NTS is very important. I will try to spare time to visit NTS again.

  Prof. E. Annamalai (former Director, CIIL & Visiting Professor Yale University U.S.A)

I am happy to have the opportunity to see the growth of National Testing Service from being a Unit of CIIL for Testing and Evaluation of languages through the Centre for Testing and Evaluation into a multidisciplinary Institution of National Testing Service-India. My happiness comes from my having been its Godfather in its early stages guiding its initial steps as a toddler.
This project has a model in Educational Testing Service (ETS) in USA but there is a fundamental difference. ETS is a private enterprise serving the needs of educational institutions to select students for admission. NTS, on the other hand, is a public enterprise funded by the government and collaborating with colleges and universities. Further, NTS includes in its agenda, service to industries and business for recruiting workers.

The need for a standardized evaluation system, is self evident now with the growth of Private Sector in education at all levels, integration of education with the needs of National and Global industry and business and competitive employment options based on learned skills and knowledge of individuals as evidences by the sought-after campus interviews. All these suggest a need for standardized tools to measure competence of individuals and rank them and also the institutions that train the individuals.'What you know' is becoming significant in the job market over 'whom you know' National Testing Service comes to fill this national need.

  Prof. Akhtar Siddique, (Chairperson, NCTE)

"I am much impressed by the seminal work being done by the NTS team in the area of testing and evaluation which has definite implications for quality of education at all levels. I wish that the educational administrators realize the significance of their work and extend them whole hearted support as needed by them so much. I was moved by the kind of dedication with which these people are devoting themselves to the mission of NTS despite all odds. This is all the more a reason to strengthen their resources and encourage their efforts".
Before coming to this institution, I was thinking that NCERT is doing a job by the way of developing the study materials, text books, etc., and training the teachers as well; but now I came to realize

over here that NCERT is only devoting to handful of languages besides other subjects at the school level but those languages which were not cared after independence, CIIL and NTS is being able to reach them and therefore doing a great National Service by way of preserving those languages and by the way of creating the materials, in the form of scripts, in the form of visuals, in the form of training the teacher, etc., so it is a great service to the nation.

  Dr. P.A. Ramiah (Chairman, Teachers Recruitment Board, TN)

"The eye opening I had during my stay and interaction at NTS is something I shall cherish and carry forward. The effort put in by Dr. Pon Subbiah and his team to create a bench mark for evaluating education (both inter / intra levels) with reference to individuals, institutions, and courses of study-overcoming many hurdles and impediments-deserves congratulations."
I will try in my best capacity to implement wherever possible in my administrative field to put in practice their findings and conclusions. I wish the NTS and its dedicated staff all the very best in all their endeavors- present and future. I would like to extend my services as and when they are needed.

  Prof. S. Ramachandran, (Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras)

"I am very much impressed with the quality and amount of work carried out at NTS in Testing & Evaluation which is a very important task. I appreciate & congratulate Pon Subbiah and his team for their dedication and commitment".
Efforts of NTS should be appreciated and I am really astonished to see the amount of work done. Developing some kind of standardization in language testing & evaluation alone is not enough. Regional Field Units of NTS are doing some kind of initial job.
Prof. Pon Subbiah made these kind of parameters, components, variables which will be taken into account. Such a body like NTS will identify the people and individuals who can contribute for the progress and development of this country.

I think it is wonderful task and I am sure that you will be able to achieve it in next 2-3 years so that we can have a better evaluation system in our country. The basic requirement of our concept of evaluation is to bring those who are at the bottom to the top but what we are doing today is that we take the top and leave the bottom. The teacher's role is to bring lower order ability in students to the level on par with acceptable / normal level, i.e. bottom level to top level. The purpose of evaluation is not just to fail one student but to make him to go to the next level. A Teacher's responsibility is to take all those to the higher level because an individual does it on his own capacity.

  Prof. M. Anandakrishnan, (Chairman, IIT Kanpur & IIT Rajasthan)

"Among many institutions of education that I have visited in the country, my exposure to NTS has been highly rewarding. I am deeply impressed by the total grasp of issues associated with education testing, evaluation and assessment. It is a repository of the total systemic knowledge in this field. Over the years the faculty of NTS, under the inspiring and visionary leadership of Prof. Pon Subbiah, has developed the possible approaches to the challenges to educational evaluation. More so, their dedication and commitment is visible in all their activities. I am confident that they will reengineer the difficult testing procedures in India. My hearty good wishes to their success."
This type of work should be extended to other areas/disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Engineering, etc..

  Prof. P.K. Abdul Azis, (Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University)

"The interactive sessions were very educative. The NTS-India has done a commendable job. So far the work needs to be carried forward with vigor. It has to become a National Mission. I wish them all success. I have enjoyed the stay and interactions".
All the Universities in our country should accept and adopt the principles of Testing and Evaluation prepared by NTS-India. To standardise our education system the role of NTS is very relevant. The country would benefit from the initiative of NTS team, we have to carry it forward. What NTS-India is doing is really path breaking and a herculean effort. NTS has to convince thousands of experts in the field, so, it needs to carry this idea to the universities, academicians, and people of different walks of life. In future, the country would be benefited from the initiative of NTS team and I hope all institutions will accept it and take it forward.

The website of National Testing Service-India is inspirational, particularly the presentation; the way NTS has uploaded its entire developments in website. The website construct is of global quality, and it is as good as the website of World Bank.
You can create instant question papers for any type of tests, these are the things that are needed now. One should understand the testing and evaluation methodology prepared by NTS to make the process comprehensive. I am applauding Prof. Pon Subbiah and his team doing the marvelous job and trying to make it a quality assurance movement at the national level.

  Prof. Ved Prakash, (Vice-Chancellor, NUEPA)

"I am deeply impressed by the NTS work. It has been doing an excellent work under the stewardship of Prof. Pon Subbiah. I am certain that the NTS would grow into a full fledged organization by developing graded tests with known parameters."
I'm deeply impressed by the kind of work going on here in this institution. I never came across with any institution in the country, which has gone so much deep into the subject and this is indeed very laudable and I'm delighted. I do hope that your organization certainly will grow and I would expect that this organization must take the shape of National Evaluation Organization. Till now this type of work has not been done either by UPSC or SSC or by IBPS but only by NTS has done which is laudable.

  Prof. H.A.Ranganath, Director, NAAC

"Excellent piece of contribution to ever changing challenges of Higher Education. MILES and NTS deserves appreciation and also support from all of us".
This is an excellent programme, this is a silent way of doing work. Academically, this is the best way to publicize your work. If Prof. Pon Subbiah agrees I will send our 7 advisors of NAAC to NTS to have an interaction with NTS people and to value the measurement aspects and learn some more things in NTS.

  Prof. Jacob Tharu, Former Professor, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad.

"Visiting after a long gap. Truly impressed by work on MILES, NTS that has been done. A good team in place. My best Wishes for Continued Progress"
This is a mammoth effort but very ambitious and certainly needs to work and make it work. It is a move towards putting initially language education and language development with skills in some sort of frame work.
NTS-India is working towards a comprehensive system of evaluation. Nowhere this kind of system has been created. Though conducting entrance tests for decades, no system has been developed by the IITs whereas now the NTS has evolved a system which is unique.

  Prof. G.K. Chadha, CEO, South Asian University & Member, PM's Economic Advisory Council, New Delhi

"It was a great education visiting NTS-India, and learning of the great strides it is embarking upon in the area of evaluation. The nation needs the product of their efforts far more at this stage of its development. I am sure their work and wisdom would lend great weight and purpose to quality improvement in expanding educational endeavors."

  Prof. D.P.Pattanayak, Founder Director, CIIL

" NTS is mini CIIL. People from many disciplines from different parts of the country are working with devotion for achieveing a single goal. What convinced me about their contribution is the fact that they have accepted multilinguilism and pluriculturalism as their starting points. Prof.Pon Subbiah has been an excellent leader and his team is devoted and committed ".
I visualize the expectation of the NTS that every institution should know more about Testing & Evaluation. It should make efforts to keep out the fake and half baked institutions from the business so that there will be uniformity and standard in the field of educaiton. Like America's ETS, NTS should be the sole organisation for Testing and Evaluation. When we established the CIIL, it was meant not only for the country but also for the whole world.
    At one end we are tallking about interdisciplinary areas, at the other ends we are making our disciplines into smaller and smaller elements. Whatever work you are doing would go a long way in generating a mindset that testing and evaluation does not necessarily mean that you confine yourself into a small discipline. But you have captured at last, the idea of establishing 3 concepts - Aptitude, Achievemnt and Proficiency across the disciplines.

  Prof. K. Karunakaran, Former VC, Tamil University, Thanjavur

"I was amazed by the enormous involvement and rich work on the Testing and Evaluation by NTS through the projects, schemes, workshops and training. The support and encouragement given by the Head of NTS Prof. Pon Subbiah to the growing younger generation at NTS-India is really heartening and noteworthy".
This institution is doing a remarkable job in the field of Testing and Evaluation. The work that is going on in this field will go to the History of Indian Educational Domain. There is a great need for Testing and Evaluation everywhere in the world, and without exaggeration this is very true that the work done by the NTS would remain evergreen and fresh. NTS has chosen the very important thrust area which directly relates to the developing society, but also for all the age group which are going to be benefited through evaluation. Hence, it is a great service to the Nation.

  Prof.E. Balagurusamy, Member, UPSC, New Delhi

I am delighted to know the various contributions made by NTS-India towards improving the quality of education in the country. Evolving a mechanism for standardization of education- the teaching methods, programme module, infrastructure, delivery mechanism, etc. will go a long way towards achieving this goal.

  Mr. L.K. Atheeq, Director, Prime Minister Office, New Delhi

"My visit to CIIL is a rewarding experience. Prof. Pon Subbiah of the NTS has been doing excellent work in the field of educational testing and evaluation. NTS is a timely Initiative of the Government and a first step towards laying down standards for testing and evaluation in the entire country. This is an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle called quality education".

The work done by Prof. Pon Subbiah and his team is admirable.

  Prof. S.P. Singh, Advisor, State Planning Commission, Govt. of Uttarakhand

I am glad that I could visit CIIL, and Mysore. I may submit that Prof. Pon Subbiah has developed a new body of knowledge about which most do not know much. His area of specialization is evaluation and testing in education which is essential for the progress of education and creating an atmosphere of trust in the system. I hope the concerned ministry would pay attention to the knowledge generated at its one of the institutes.

  Prof.Smritikumar Sarkar, Vice Chancellor, University of Burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal

Visiting NTS is a learning experience for me. Sitting in a silent corner, these groups of dedicated scholars are doing a great job towards strengthening national integration. They deserve support from all levels so that their activities could spread further.

  Luminaries who commented
  Prof. Udaya Narayana Singh, Director, CIIL, Mysore

A highly educated and vibrant nation like India without a National Testing Service for its languages and literature cannot progress on par with the developing countries that are so conscious of their language competence and use. The research output, painstakingly developed in the last 15 years at CIIL, is a giant step towards fulfilling this long-felt need.

  Prof. Deepak Pental, VC, Delhi University

National Testing Service-India should also look at what various boards of examination are giving to the students and what their distribution norms are. NTS should develop the tests which will cover all the levels of formal education.

  Prof. J.A.K. Tareen, VC, Pondicherry University

We have to evaluate our own Testing System to ascertain whether it is going in a right way or not. I don't think any University in India has ever made an attempt to do this. Perhaps that will be one of the major steps in the process of higher education in India and that is where I think there is a lot of sensitization required in the universities. Many people including Vice-chancellors and educators are not aware of this. Therefore our own testing system has to be evaluated, periodically to see in which direction it is going. But in most of the Universities there is no sensitization on this issue. It is essential because in tomorrow's world only the 'FITTEST' is going to 'SURVIVE' and nothing else.

  Prof. M. Balachandran, Director, IBPS, Mumbai

NTS is trying to evolve certain concepts and standardization of certain methodologies: I am sure that these initiatives would certainly be helpful to all the organizations that are engaged in recruitment and assessment and IBPS ensures its cooperation with all the initiatives of National Testing Service-India

  Prof. M.L. Dutt, Professor, IBPS, Mumbai

The role of National Testing Service has become very critical in this country, wherein it can conduct a Nation-Wide Survey and workout Benchmarks. These benchmarks will put all the education boards and all the curriculam designers and policy makers on alert. But this benchmarking has to be done at national level, so that we can see where our benchmarking standards stand. And this is the greatest role which no agency in this nation has performed, and NTS, if it takes up, it should take up fast, and in my view it is a dream come true.

  Mr. Srikantan Moorthy, VP & Head, Education and Research, Infosys

NTS has to play a major role jointly in the education system. As a government agency, NTS has to take the lead and has to coordinate with other educational institutions. There should be only one test for all the people so that they do not get confused. So to the great extent it is a well coordinated activity that can stand to world standards.

  Prof. B.B. Bhattacharya, VC, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

I am wondered to see this type of work undertaken by National Testing Service- India under the leadership of Prof.Pon Subbiah. It is a gigantic task; if it happens then it will be a major contribution to the nation.

  Prof. Purushottam Agarwal, Member, UPSC, New Delhi.

National Testing Service has taken the objectives of fixing norms, standards, and streamlining the whole process of testing and evaluation. People may find it difficult to change themselves form the age old conventional practices. NTS has to function fully to change this age old convention and develop a new system of evaluation.

  Prof. Shambhunath Shaw, Former Director, CHI

This type of enormous work taken by NTS under the guidance of Prof.Pon Subbiah in the field of Testing and Evaluation is a "Bhagirath Attempt". The new innovations in the evaluation system developed by NTS are really appreciable.

  Prof. V.C. Kulandaiswamy, Former VC, IGNOU, New Delhi

National Testing Service has taken a gigantic task of fulfilling the Evaluation needs of the country by creating a database of Resources, Contents, Methods, Question Items, Test frames initially in three languages viz. Hindi, Tamil & Urdu. This should be extended to other Major Indian Languages.

  Prof. H.S. Srivastava, Former Dean, NCERT, New Delhi

As the one who prepared the first draft of the education section of the NPE 1986 which passed through almost unscathed, I feel I can justly 'feel proud' about the culmination of my thoughts in the establishment of NTS. I feel we should now work for earning for the organization, a justifiable place, and status by concerning, generating and diversifying its activities to research, development, training, extension, etc., as an independent organization of repute.

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