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  Details of Coverage
  • All the details pertaining to Assessment, Accreditation, Examination, and Evaluation
  • Types of requirements such as textbook evaluation, student evaluation, teacher evaluation, etc.
  • Evaluation specifications in terms of time duration, content coverage, difficulty level, etc.
  • Quantum & scope of academic and human resources requirement such as academic inputs, number of persons to be inducted in the job, etc.


  Methodology Adopted
  • By personal interactions with all the concerned (both in-house & external)
  • Through print media of different types (like books, reports, journals)
  • Electronic media like internet, television, telecom, etc.

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  Purpose of the Survey
  • To meet innumerable evaluation requirements such as Grading, Ranking, Diagnosis, Admission, etc.
  • To obtain necessary basis for planning & execution.
  • To decide the type of monitoring required

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