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Evaluation Concepts Educational Progression Standards & Benchmarks
Evaluation Concepts

  Measurement : Quantitative & Qualitative

  Assessment : Partial & Domain based

  Evaluation : Theoretical & Operational

  Instrument : Tools & Scales

There are about 1000 multi-disciplinary components that constitute the concept of Evaluation being dealt with. The role of evaluation and its importance are being analysed as an independent as well as interdependent process in the context of education

  Evaluation Contents : Content Inputs and Consequential Effects of Education

(both Informatory & Extrapolatary). This will be an answer to the question 'What'?

  Methods : Road map including the step by step procedures & techniques that are to be followed

in the course of evaluation. This will be an answer to the question 'How'?

  Purpose : Depends on the context. Interrelating the expectation of the policy framers,

educationists, and the actual needy / stakeholders of the country. This is a

reflection of Instructional, Educational, and Social purposes.

This will be an answer to the question 'Why' ?

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