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Rational Selection Process Establishment Activities
Selection Process
Initial Announcement / Advertisement

         This was made through websites, printing & electronic media, and also in the form of circulars addressed to various institutions across the country.....

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Terms & Conditions

         Terms and Conditions under which an institution can make an application for opening Regional Field Unit of NTS.....

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Prescribed Application Form

         In order to elicit all the essential information (for making a viable decision) the format has been designed to accommodate all such details.....

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Inspection Teams of NTS

         A team of officers representing different areas of work has been formed to visit the applicant institutions in person and ascertain whether the facilities available are matching with the requirements of NTS.....

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Checklist as Cross Checking Mechanism

         It consists of all the details that are required to be discussed with the authorities of the applicant institutions during the visit in person. This is primarily meant to be used by the inspection team.....

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Criteria for Selecting Institutions

         The following factors constitute the criteria: Location, Accessibility to maximum number of target group, Infrastructure, Education System being followed, and other Potentials available with the organisation.....

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Particulars of Identified Institutions

         Details such as region, location, level of education, name, address of the institution, etc. are also provided as part of disseminating information to all those who are intended to associate with NTS (which are selected and approved).....

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Particulars of Cancelled Institutions

         Details of Regional Field Units that are cancelled due to dishonouring the terms and conditions of RFU of NTS-India.....

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Operational Jurisdictions (with maps)

         The boundaries of the geographical areas where the RFUs are expected to operate for academic activities.....

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