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Rational Selection Process Establishment Activities
(behind opening RFUs)

  • Representative Samples : No programme/scheme will be successful if the actual stakeholders who are spread across the country are not taken into confidence. It has therefore been decided to have representative samples from each of the regions (which come under the area of NTS operation) from among the teachers (for item writing) and also from among the learners (to constitute the norm/experimental group).

  • Number of Regions : Taking into consideration the speech varieties of the language concerned and also the spread of the geographical areas where it is in active use (in education, administration, medium of communication, etc.), it has tentatively been decided to identify 10 regions (to represent each language) for operational convenience. Accordingly, 30 regions have been identified for 3 languages viz., Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu.

  • Number of Field Units : For each of the identified region, 2 Field Units (one for school level and another for college level) have been created. Accordingly, each language has got 20 field units to cover the 10 identified regions. Thus, a total of 60 RFUs are created covering 30 regions across 18 States/UTs of the country, at present.

  • Local Coordination : As the process of 'item writing & tool making' is a large scale operation, it has to be taken up by involving 1000s of item writers from all over the country. Orientation, training, and consultancy required for them are to be taken care of by the RFUs located nearby with the help of other agencies in the form of a series of training cum workshops.

  • Nodal Centre of NTS : Since the standardization of tests is a lengthy process, RFUs are entrusted with the responsibility of functioning as the nodal centres of NTS and to assist in the process of preparing and scrutinizing the question items, formulating norm groups, administering the tests on them, collecting data for analysis, etc.. They will also evolve 'norm' for that region.

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