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Rational Selection Process Establishment Activities
(to be undertaken by RFUs)
  • Building up of a Reference Library
    with necessary books, journals, etc., on testing & evaluation in addition to the materials supplied by the NTS, CIIL. The institutions housing RFU may also procure as many reference materials as possible by utilizing their own resources, in addition to that of the NTS.
  • Procuring the Syllabi Materials
    of all the courses that are available in their jurisdiction in various disciplines (level wise) and corresponding question papers for ready reference at the time of holding item writing workshops. They will have to be classified and stored subject-wise.
  • Identification of Institutions
    for having a tie-up with about 50 schools or colleges (as the case may be) located under the jurisdiction of the concerned RFU for associating them to NTS activities. The institutions identified should represent all the Revenue Districts of the RFU jurisdiction.
  • Selection of Teachers / Item writers
    as representative samples (at least 2 to 5 each from the identified institutions) for practical training / orientation on developing tools & scales. Also collecting information about the exact number of students appearing for Higher Secondary / PUC / Inter / degree examination in the respective jurisdiction.
  • Arranging local Meetings
    for periodical interaction among the teachers identified from the concerned jurisdictional area in order to create awareness and also to update the developments. Such meetings may take place in different institutions located in their jurisdiction.
  • Dissemination of Information
    about the activities of NTS, by circulating Information Brochures, Write-ups, Documentary Films, NTS Monthly Newsletters, etc. The periodical updatings of both the websites www.ciil-miles.net & www.ciil-ntsindia.net will have to be familiarised.
  • Nodal Centre of the NTS
    for undertaking the process of item writing, test construction, field administration, standardisation, etc., as per the NTS framework (the GFR of language, literature, and personality) with the help of the item writers identified as per the NTS guidelines.
  • Functioning as a Scrutiny Centre
    for eliminating unqualified items (at the initial level) besides facilitating the field administration of tests on the norm / experimental group in the jurisdiction of the concerned RFU for the purposes of standardizing them.
  • Evolving Local / Regional Norms
    for the courses of study, institutions which run these courses, and individuals who get into such courses and also those who handle them by undertaking appropriate analysis of the items and tests, as per the NTS guidelines and establishing standards & bench marks.
  • Assisting the NTS-I (a) in the preparation of Item Bank consisting of 16 lakh question items covering about 700 structural elements and 5600 (dimensions @ 8 per structural element) each to be tested in 3 operating contexts. (b) in the creation of trained manpower of about 6000 item writers spread across the country at the rate of 100 per region for all the above entities, with reference to the jurisdictional area.

Note : The RFUs have to identify the test centres, invigilators, evaluation centres and evaluators for the smooth administration of the tests and evaluation of the answer scripts. They should also distribute the Q-A Books in time, and make arrangements for the payments to the personnel involved. The settlements of accounts in time is to be ensured by the RFUs. RFUs are required to send the status reports to the NTS H.Qrs. (every month specifying progress made on each of the above points).


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