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 Different material production workshops under MILES for strengthening the Question Bank

     • Consists of a comprehensive database on evaluation, and it is porposed to have in all the major Indian languages, to start with Tamil • Covers the details under the broad domains of contents, methods and purposes of evaluation • Includes the major, minor and sub components the constitute language, literature and person-growth along with their associated properties / qualities / characteristics • Associate more than 700 sub-components of language and literature 8000 dimensions and 20, 000 operating contexts • Accommodates about 10 types of question items each with 3 variants under 2 categories, and 24 techniques each with 2 variants under 5 categories • Encompasses both scholastic and non-scholastic areas of learner growth in the context of education • Stands on interdisciplinary theories involving education, psychology, mathematics, statistics, besides languages • Deals with every level of education: primary, upper primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduate, post graduate and research • Incorporates information about the scholars in various branches of evaluation across disciplines and levels of education • Gets them filled in with at the 10 associated parameters and stored in an Electronic Information Grid under Item File Card (IFC) format along with computer number codes assigned to them.

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