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 Selection Workshop:

     National Testing Service-India is providing financial assistance to organize workshop-cum-training programmes, seminars, etc. and to undertake short term research studies to promote developmental activities in the field of testing and evaluation. The purpose of this sub-scheme is to produce basic reference materials and to create nationwide awareness about this area of study. In this connection, advertisements are published in the leading newspapers of the country including North-East region apart from the announcements posted on our website.

     Proposals are shortllisted by a committee of experts based on their merits and applicability to the NTS objectives.

     Applicants of those shortlisted proposals are called for a selection workshop/interactive meeting to the CIIL, Mysore to present their proposals and satisfy the queries of experts and fellow participants. They are provided with concrete suggestions for correction, addition and modification in their proposals. After receiving the revised proposals found to be suitable for the award of grants further processing is undertaken.

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