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Consultancy Training


A. Methodology Adopted

  • Identification of Trainers & Trainees through RFUs (based on the interest and involvement shown by the individuals)
  • Imparting of Two Stage Relay Training (This process of imparting training will continue at the NTS H.Qrs. till the target is achieved)
  • Continuous Fortnightly Programmes (A total of 24 training programmes will be conducted every year at the NTS H.Qrs. i.e. first fortnight of a month for the School Level and second for the college level. Follow-up/ reinforcement programmes will be arranged at the RFUs)
  • Training through Video Conferencing (In order to reduce the loss of information in transmission through conventional relay training, it is proposed to link all the Regional Field Units of NTS through video conferencing facility)

B. Materials Used

  • Materials under MILES Series (Basic Reference Materials on Testing and Evaluation, Mastery, Personality, and Proficiency).....
    >> more details
  • Conceptual Framework (for assessing Aptitude, Achievement, and Proficiency).....
    >> more details
  • Training Modules (82 modules classified under 6 categories covering about 1000 components).....
    >> more details
  • Documentary Films (one each on Aptitude, Achievement, Proficiency and Testing & Evaluation in general)

C. Manpower Development

  • About 16,000 trained personnel for item writing by covering every region of the country (being identified through on-the-job training both at the H.Qrs. and RFUs)
  • Scholars with potential expertise being identified for payment of lump sum grants based on their synopsis for evaluation work. Also such grant is made available to potential institutions (for taking up specialized work)
  • 100 of researchers from different disciplines (focusing their attention on the fundamentals of evaluation) by awarding Doctoral & Post Doctoral Research Fellowships
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