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Centre for Testing & Evaluation(CT & E) : A Profile

  Started as a small academic unit of the CIIL during the year 1984; after a phenomenal growth, renamed as Centre for Testing & Evaluation [CT&E] unique in the country for Indian languages.

  Conducts basic research and develops materials on testing, measurement, and evaluation with reference to language and literature education.

  As part of R & D, collected the syllabi of language & literature courses from about 150 universities of the country, and analysed them in the context of evaluation.

  Also analysed the concepts of language, literature, and all-round growth of the learner (being perceived as the personality) and outlined their components.

  The details worked out are meant to facilitate sampling error free content coverage at various levels of teaching & testing.

  Conducted more than 350 programmes at national and regional levels.

  Produced dozens of theoretical & practical volumes in various Indian languages and in English under different categories viz., basic reference materials; content, method, and purpose resources; concept based continuum of graded syllabi; corresponding graded tests; item resources for assessing language proficiency; in-house programmes; L2 teaching & learning materials, etc.

  The C T & E has also involved in a number of evaluation related activities.

  Extended consultancy to institutions like NCERT, SCERTs, NCTE, Universities, State Higher Education Councils, Colleges, Schools, etc. also to the Examination Boards and Recruitment Agencies such as UPSC, SSC, State PSCs, etc. to develop special purpose evaluation tools, and restructuring the syllabi in the context of evaluation.

  Undertook job evaluation of language related programmes, primers, and text books of various States and UTs of the country and foreign agencies as well.

  Provided training and orientation in evaluation to research scholars and members of teaching community of various organisations and at various levels of education.

  Formulating a centralised mechanism called Multipurpose Indian Language Evaluation System (MILES). It has a huge database (consisting item/question resources on every teachable and testable units of language, literature, and person growth) and a retrieval system which facilitate instant construction of tests for any purpose, any level of education and in any indian language. Further it helps to have inter and intra language comparability.

 Consequently, this had led to the formulation of National Testing Service-India (NTS-I), as envisaged in the NPE & POA 1986, NPE RC 1990, & CABE 1992.

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